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The Way Debt Recovery Should Be Done

No longer are burly debt collectors the only form of recourse. Times have changed, and we recognise this. With innovative tools and a fresh approach, our no payment, no fee service provides a friendly, debtor-focused face for early results.

We use advanced strategies, intelligent systems and streamlined data checks – when combined, these elements place us five steps ahead of the competition.

We believe that no debt is ever dead. Where one approach doesn’t work, another one will. And if we do need to pursue your debtors to court, our partnership with a leading parking litigation specialist secures the best possible results (still with no up-front fees).

We can seal leaks in your collection processes, ensure you follow fair business practices and secure a pay rate of 30% and above (over the complete Debt Recovery process). Let’s put these results into cold, hard figures…

Collections pay rate of 30.1% | 100% compliance since 2012 | 55% more payments secured in 2019 | Overall Pay rate of 85%

Why Choose Us?

  1. Excellent pay rates
  2. No VAT – Instantly saving you 20%
  3. No upfront fees – no recovery, no fee
  4. Your own login - giving us 100% transparency
  5. Automated monthly remittances

Top Tips To Improve Your Internal Collections

How We Collect

Every detail matters to us. From overhauling our letters to boost response rates, to redesigning our website , we are constantly looking for new ways to do what we do (which might be why our results improve year-on–year).

Here are some of the many improvements we’ve made for 2020.

  • Formatted letters and improved layout to increase Pay Rate

  • Revamped website – more informative and streamlined

  • Direct Debit facility secured for instalment plans

  • New fine-tuned debt management system

  • Now using a mailing service with tracking

  • Additional reporting analysis to improve collections

  • Improved SMS and Email processes

We'll Find Them

Risk-free, low-cost and completely hands-off.

Each and every year thousands of Parking Charge debtors leave outstanding debts in their wake, leaving car park operators losing out on potential income.

Don’t lose out to ‘gone away’ notices and debtors who attempt to hide from their Parking Charges. Allow our leading tracing agents to find who you’re looking for – quickly and compliantly.

Our tools go far beyond what you may have at your fingertips, such as the electoral roll, to incorporate an array of cutting-edge internal and third-party tracing agent systems.

Have confidence in our shining past-client testimonials and enjoy the peace of mind that our ‘no trace, no fee’ promise provides.

Our professional debtor tracing service is primed for fast resolution of debts, while our stringent approach ensures that the correct procedures are followed every, single, time – guaranteeing compliance for cases that progress to CCJ or court.

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