Parking Charge Notices

When a driver parks a vehicle in contravention to the terms and conditions stated on site they will receive a Parking Charge Notice. This means they have breached the contravention of the terms and conditions and payment is due.

Conditions Include

  • Parking in a private area without a valid permit
  • NOT displaying a valid ticket
  • NOT displaying any ticket
  • Staying when your ticket has expired 
  • Parking outside the confines of a marked bay – a marked bay means within the white lines, NOT on the white lines.

    I have received a letter from Debt Logic, what do I do?

    The company who issued you a PCN has instructed us to recover the monies from you with immediate effect. It is in your best interest before further charges are incurred to pay in full or email your complaint (appeals are no longer available) to .

Need to appeal?

If you haven’t already appealed with our client and have a legitimate reason for not paying this debt, then please let us know.

Send you your appeal to Please note that we cannot cancel the PCN without our clients’ consent, but we will try our best to mediate.


What if I ignore the request and do not pay?

Debt Logic would strongly advise against this. We will take legal action to recover the monies which will incur further costs and debt will increase. See County Court Judgements .

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What is the Mediation Service you offer?

Mediation is an alternative to legal action allowing each party to voice their opinions on why the debt is due. During this process each party agree on what terms they are willing to accept in order to resolve the matter amicably.

All of our clients are members of the British Parking Association (BPA) or the Independent Parking Committee (IPC). They are authorised to request keeper details from DVLA for vehicles issued with a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) and have not paid within the timescale given.  

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What if I refuse to pay?

If you refuse to pay we will recommend using court proceedings against you to our client. See County Court Judgements .

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What if I cannot afford to pay?

Many people have financial difficulties. Please email us at and we will do all we can to come to an affordable payment arrangement with our client.

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What if I do not owe the money?

If you have recently paid the debt or you are not the person stated on the letter please contact us either by email or in writing to avoid further correspondence and action.

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Where can I view photographic evidence?

Please click here and enter your PCN number and registration to view photographic evidence of your Parking Charge Notice.

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I've been told PCNs are not enforceable on private land?

On the contrary to what lay people believe we CAN enforce Parking Charge Notices on private land. See Protection of Freedoms Act 2010 .

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What is a CCJ?

Our clients frequently issue CCJs (County Court Judgements) to non-payers. If they are successful, costs and charges are added to the outstanding debt which will increase the amount considerably. If you receive a CCJ you should deal with it immediately before the deadline date. A CCJ can adversely affect your credit rating which stops you from getting loans, mortgages, credit cards, mobile phones etc for some considerable years. If you pay within the time specified you will not get a CCJ. If you do not pay in the required time you may encounter an attachment of earnings order and may also have an enforcement agency visiting you.

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What is the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012?

The Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 makes a number of changes to the law related to parking on private land. It bans vehicle immobilisation and/or removal without lawful authority, and provides private landholders with additional powers to pursue the registered keeper of a vehicle for unpaid parking charges providing certain conditions are met. Specifically, Section 56 and Schedule 4, which allows landholders to pursue “keeper liability” in relation to the recovery of unpaid parking charges on private land. Please visit for more information.

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Why is the registered keeper held liable?

Schedule 4 of the POFA 2012, gives the registered keeper the choice of naming the driver at the time the parking rules were broken or paying the charge him or herself. Without this provision the enforcement of parking on private land could be unmanageable as both registered keepers and drivers could avoid liability and therefore disregard any parking conditions.

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What if I am experiencing financial difficulty?

We can offer you an instalment plan to assist you at this difficult time. Please contact us immediately to set up an instalment plan. If you have already contacted any of the people then let us know so we will work with you to prevent the debt from increasing. For confidential and independent advice please contact any of the below:

Citizens Advice: 03444 111 444 or visit

National Debtline: 0808 808 4000 or

StepChange: 0800 138 1111 or

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What if I didn't own the vehicle at the time the PCN was issued?

Please send us the new keeper details or the letter from DVLA confirming you no longer own this vehicle. If you do not have this information please visit and DVLA will send you confirmation of the date the vehicle was transferred.

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